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2015 Walk to Cure Arthritis
Foley Square Park
Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Saturday, May 16, 2015
Registration Opens at 8:30 AM
Walk Begins at 10:00 AM

The Walk to Cure Arthritis is the Arthritis Foundationís nationwide signature event that unites communities across the country to put an end to arthritis. With your donation, we change lives by helping people gain access to the critical medications necessary to live full, healthy lives and funding research that provides better treatments today and promises a cure for tomorrow.

The event features a three-mile and one-mile course, with arthritis information and activities for the entire family. Pet owners are encouraged to bring their dogs.

Let's raise funds to find a cure for arthritis, then come together to support each other and walk! Every step counts, every dollar matters!

Spotlight On - Elfin Magic

Phoebe Payne is a funny, strong-willed, unstoppable 2-year-old, always so determined and resilient. So the day she cried out in pain as I slipped her arm through the strap of the car seat, I knew something was really wrong. Her wrist was swollen and immobile but when x-rays showed no sign a fracture, the orthopedic specialist said it was probably "just a sprain". A few weeks later she cried when I tried to put her legs into her pajamas. Her ankles were swollen, and her knees -- both of them -- looked as big as baseballs. She was walking very stiffly, asking to be picked up after just a few painful steps. By the end of the week, I took her to see Dr. Lazarus, a pediatric rheumatologist, who diagnosed her quickly and started treatment. That was 3 months ago and already, Phoebe is doing great! She's back to being unstoppable: running, climbing, even taking ballet class. She has to take a few medications every day -- which is no fun, whether you are two or 92 -- but she's responded to them extremely well. This is all still very new to us, but as soon as we heard about the Walk to Cure Arthritis, we signed up. Of course, we want to raise money to help find more effective treatments and someday a cure, but we also look forward to meeting other families who are on this journey. I am sure you have a lot of helpful information to share and we are eager to hear it.

For more help or information about the Walk to Cure Arthritis, contact Courtney Gush at or call 1-212-984-8726
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