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2015 Walk to Cure Arthritis
Foley Square Park
Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Saturday, May 16, 2015
Registration Opens at 8:30 AM
Walk Begins at 10:00 AM

The Walk to Cure Arthritis is the Arthritis Foundationís nationwide signature event that unites communities across the country to put an end to arthritis. With your donation, we change lives by helping people gain access to the critical medications necessary to live full, healthy lives and funding research that provides better treatments today and promises a cure for tomorrow.

The event features a three-mile and one-mile course, with arthritis information and activities for the entire family. Pet owners are encouraged to bring their dogs.

Let's raise funds to find a cure for arthritis, then come together to support each other and walk! Every step counts, every dollar matters!

Spotlight On - Rosemary's Angels

From as far back as I can remember, my grandmother always complained about how badly she suffered from arthritis. We would have to cut short outings due to her pain. She never gave up, but it did slow her down. I never really understood her pain or her perseverance until I had my own issues with arthritis.
Five years ago after running two half-marathons, I started having knee pain. It turned out, I too suffered from arthritis. My arthritis was so bad at age 36, that I had no cartilage left in my knees. All of my doctors agreed that I was too young for a knee replacement, so I had an osteotomy and a cartilage replacement on my right knee. Last year, I developed knee pain in the left knee as well and had to undergo the same surgery. (Due to insurance issues I wasnít able to have a cartilage replacement, but we wonít get into that.) Dr. Sgaglione, my surgeon at North Shore Manhasset hospital, was amazing in every way.
I had my second surgery in August and for the first time missed the beginning of school. This was heartbreaking to me as teaching is my life! I also added insult to injury by falling and breaking my leg in another place and having to have a second surgery. I was non-weight bearing for five months.
In September, my grandmother passed away. Due to my surgeries I was not able to say goodbye to her before she passed. My grandma developed dementia about ten years ago, so I was not able to tell her that I now understood the pain she went through and the fear and frustration of having to rely on other people to help you.
I am walking in memory of my grandma. My fundraising goal is $1,923. The year she was born. I know she will be looking down on me and cheering me on during this walk. Three miles now seems so much longer than the two half marathons I did. I have my best friend, Allison, and my sister, Marlene, walking with me. I know they will be supporting me every foot of the way and even dragging me the last mile if they have to!

For more help or information about the Walk to Cure Arthritis, contact Courtney Gush at or call 1-212-984-8726
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